Teacher by Heart, Christian by Faith and Encourager by Mission

The Praying Welder

I pray that this "project"  encourages action that is pleasing to our Father and in turn will increase our Faith and help build stronger relationships both Vertically and horizontally!  

I represent NO organization or man on earth, nor would I collect any funding for or from such, as this whole project is already being Fully Funded.

 I am only documenting my personal experiences with our Father in Heaven through Jesus Christ, His only Son, and confirmed to me by His Holy Spirit, that is Always with me. 

I may get things "off" because I am only a simple man trying to live a Spirit Filled Life, but He Assured me that being Real is far better than being perfectly scripted.

Please share any of my content with anyone who you think may be Blessed by it!


The Dime Guy


For Real-2

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Who's your Daddy?

man of sorrow

the Dime Guy?

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